Synforming™is the Perfect Solution for your Syngas, Hydrogen or Carbon Monoxide Process Needs. 

Gulf Gases SYNFORMING is an exclusive & proprietary technical and commercial development platform which is guaranteed to design & deliver the optimal Gas, Chemical or Fuel Product solution, based on your unique Syngas, Hydrogen or Carbon Monoxide rich feedgas streams. 


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SYNFORMING is the conversion of your feedgas streams to the highest possible chemical or energy value products for your plant or your marketplace.  SYNFORMING is ideal for a wide range of feedgases, including syngases, hydrogen-rich gases, reformates, biomass gases, biogases, overhead vent streams and more. 

Why is SYNFORMING better than other processes?

A SYNFORMING solution is typically not about sizing & installing a single process step, but rather a host of tightly integrated, perfectly optimized, innovative process steps, which are precisely tailored to your plant environment in order to create the maximum product or energy value from your feedgas streams.  SYNFORMING solutions can produce more than one product, often at ultra-low operating costs compared to conventional systems. 

What are the process steps or units in SYNFORMING solutions?

Gulf Gases has a strong portfolio of proven, reliable and cost-effective gas process technologies.  Depending on the feedgas composition and desired products, a SYNFORMING system design may include membrane separators, PSA purification, special filtration & removal, gas compression, secondary reformers, water gas shift reactors, methanators, pressurized storage & delivery, along with state-of-art process control and safety systems. 

What products are made by SYNFORMING systems?

 Typical products from SYNFORMING designs include low or high purity H2, purified Carbon Monoxide, C1 to C4 Fuel Gases, Steam or CO2.  Second-stage SYNFORMING can directly produce, or supply the onsite production of syngas based refined chemicals such as Methanol, OxoAlcohols, DME, Ammonia, GTL Liquids and Hydrogen Peroxide.

How are SYNFORMING products selected?

The Gulf Gases team works closely with your company to help tailor the right product mix for meeting your internal plant needs, or, for producing the right gas, chemical or energy products for ready sales in meeting market demand in your region.  We can conduct detailed market studies to find purchasers for SYNFORMING products.  Gulf Gases can also serve to negotiate product purchase agreements with buyers. 

Are SYNFORMING systems expensive?

Compared to just burning your syngas, biogas or overhead vent streams for steam or electric power generation value, SYNFORMING systems can typically double the annual product values or sales revenues available from your feedgases.  This leads to highly improved capital payback scenarios when compared to alternatives.  The capital costs for installed SYNFORMING systems are typically very competitive and usually provide lower operating costs than alternative or conventional systems. 

How long does it take to develop a SYNFORMING solution?

SYNFORMING systems are custom designed and constructed as prefabricated, skid-built units for fast commissioning and startup deployment.  Depending on the scope of your solution, delivery times range from 4 to 10 months.  This is usually faster than custom-designed, stick-built process systems which often require 12 to 18 months for delivery and startup.  

What are the steps to start a SYNFORMING project?

Gulf Gases can provide you with a cost-effective, phased approach to mitigate commercial and technical risks.  First, we apply analysis hours, often times at our expense, to assess your feedgas stream and process requirements in order to determine if we can help.  Next, we would propose a Conceptual Engineering Study, resulting in a preliminary design and commercial analysis, packaged in a valuable gateway document for decision making.  This is performed by Gulf Gases at low-cost with 100% of the study cost credited toward a SYNFORMING solution purchase.  The third level of pre-purchase risk mitigation is our Basic Engineering & Design Study (FEED).  The deliverables from this engineering, design & commercial study are substantial, including a FEED engineering design package, firm purchase price, detailed schedules and if appropriate, commitment letters from potential product buyers or project partners.  The Basic Engineering Study cost may be less than you would expect and also 100% credited toward the SYNFORMING solution purchase. 

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