Membrane Separation Units for Syngas, H2 & Natural Gas Applications

Gulf Gases will work with you to understand your unique application requirements, then design, build & deliver the right membrane configuration in a system that’s correctly optimized for processing your syngas, H2Natural Gas, CO2 or CO streams, plus any related trace compounds & impurities. 

Gulf Gases will select the right polymeric membrane and module for your application.  We build on the experience of thousands of installed units in hundreds of different application environments. 

Polymeric Membranes are unique gas separation polymers with engineered characteristics of permeability, selectivity and diffusion resistance.  The Polymeric Membranes used in these units have been designed to best fit syngas, H2, Natural Gas, CO2 and CO related process needs.  After pre-treatment to remove coalescents and particluates, the separation of gas components in a feed mixture is performed by the individual permeation rate of each component through the membrane wall structure.  Production is continuous at constant flow, pressure and purity.

General Specifications:


Application Examples:

  • H2 production from recovery of any pressurized vent and purge sources,

  • H2 production from recovery vents at Methanol, Ammonia, Hydrocracker, Hydroprocessor, IGCC plants,

  • H2 production from recovery of vent gases from metal treatment furnaces,

  • Natural Gas wellhead removal of CO2, H2O and O2 to reduce transportation costs,

  • Natural Gas midstream clean-up for removal of CO2, O2, H2O in gas process plants,

  • Syngas Plant ratio adjustments of H2 and CO,

  • CO purification or production from pressurized Syngas feeds,

  • CO2 removal from H2, CO or natural gas feeds,

  • 2-step processing with conventional PSA Units to improve H2 recovery %percent,

  • H2 recovery & recycling in biogas hydroprocess plants

  • H2 production in Waste to Syngas plants,

  • H2 & N2 ratio adjustments in Dissociated Ammonia cracked gas.

  • Natural Gas upgrading to Sales Gas by removal of CO2 and H2O.


  • Rapid Installation - Units arrive totally prefabricated, ready to connect and run,

  • Low Maintenance - No moving parts, very little annual maintenance,

  • Long Life - Modules can run for many years before replacements are required,

  • Fully Automated - No manpower required for operation,

  • High Reliability - Continuous, constant production and dependable product quality,

  • Monitor & Control - Automated monitoring and controls make any necessary adjustments automatically,

  • Low Cost - Low capital, operating & maintenance costs.

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