Our Mission

Our first business objective and promise to every client is SAFETY.  We design and deliver systems for processing both high pressure and flammable gases.  Protection and safety for you and your business is our top priority in every project.  We conduct our own internal safety reviews and then follow-up to support our customer's internal PHA and HazOp analysis reviews in order to ensure that safe, dependable and reliable solutions are being provided.    
Cost is important.  Fast paybacks are vital.  We understand these things and want to show you the Gulf Gases cost advantage.  You can get very safe, well-designed systems at capital and operating cost levels that you may have been told were not possible.

We put great value on each client and business.  You are invited to contact us to learn more about how we may be able help your company. 



For over 30 years, the professionals at Gulf Gases have been innovating valuable gas process solutions while working in major industry companies, helping hundreds of customers worldwide. We are senior managers & gas process technology experts who have worked and excelled in most all aspects of the industry.

Since 2009, we've consolidated this expertise under our company Gulf Process Gases, LLC. We help clients & end-user customers with the latest generation of innovative technologies, custom engineered designs and cost saving solutions.

Our solutions cover all aspects of process gas & industrial gases, including generation, hydroprocessing, recycle & recovery, and multiple end-use applications.

Our Core Expertise falls into the following key areas where we work to innovate and create value for our customers:

  • HydroGEN Onsite H2 Generation Systems

  • SYNFORMING Systems for Syngas, H2 & CO

  • Gas-to-Chemicals Process Applications

  • Catalytic Hydroprocessing & Hydrotreating

  • Catalyst Development & Testing

  • Process Simulation, Analysis & Optimization

  • Specialized Gas Separations & Purification Units

  • Chemical Reaction Engineering & Testing

  • Onsite Gas Recovery & Recycling Systems

  • Gas Compression Systems

  • Gas Mixing, Blending & Shaping Units

  • Cryogenic Liquid & High Pressure Gas Storage Systems

  • Onsite N2 and O2 Air Separation & Gas Generation Units

  • Process Design & Engineering

  • Modularized Plant Design & Engineering

  • Service & Support for Client Process Plants

  • Training & Documentation for Client Process Plants

  • Repairs, Replacements, Upgrading & Expansions of Client Process Plants