PSA Units for Air Separation Applications

N2 Generation (95% to 99.9% N2), O2 Enrichment (70% to 99.5% O2), O2 Removal, H2O Removal, Air Drying

Gulf Gases will work with you to understand your unique application requirements, then design, build & deliver the right PSA or VPSA configuration in a system that’s correctly optimized for meeting your Air, Nitrogen, Oxygen & Drying applications, plus removal of any related trace compounds & impurities. 

Gulf Gases will select the right PSA platform for your application.  We build on the experience of many installed units in dozens of different application environments. 

PSA Units are built with unique gas separation materials having custom selected & engineered characteristics for different levels of microscopic adsorption.  The various adsorbent stacks designed into air gas PSA units are optimized for processing compressed air into separated streams of N2 and O2 products.  Production is continuous at constant flow, pressure and purity.

General Specifications for N2 Production:


General Specifications for O2 Production:



  • Generate low cost Nitrogen or Oxygen onsite, as needed,

  • Safe, easy to operate, low pressures, no hazardous material inventory,

  • Fully automatic, unattended operation,

  • Low vent losses of N2 or O2 product,

  • Skid built, easy to install and easy to relocate,

  • Flexibility to modify purity levels produced, as needed,

  • Scalable, expandable by adding additional modules to create added output,

  • Run units from in-house compressed air supply, or, order PSA units with dedicated on-board air compressors built-in.

Small, Medium, Large Scale, PSA Units

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