Hydrogen PSA Plants

Gulf Gases will work with you and your team to configure optimal Hydrogen Purification PSA Units at the lowest possible cost.  We understand the range of unique application requirements for H2 PSA’s.  Plus, we can provide you with additional production options to further enhance your PSA implementations and accelerate your investment capital payback.  Our experts will design, build & deliver the right H2 PSA plant configuration in a system that’s been correctly optimized for processing your feedgases in order to produce H2 at the right conditions you require. 

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Hydrogen Separation Plants for Syngas & H2 Applications:

  • H2 Production

  • H2 Recovery-Recycle Purification

  • Syngas (H2 & CO) Ratio Adjustments

  • CO Separation & Purification


  • Low Cost - low capital, low operating & low maintenance costs.

  • Rapid Installation - units & piping arrive prefabricated, ready to install, commission and run,

  • Low Maintenance - minimal quarterly and annual maintenance,

  • Long Life - PSA beds can be run for many years before a recharge is required,

  • Fully Automated - no manpower required for operation,

  • High Reliability - continuous, constant production and dependable product quality,

  • Monitor & Control - automated monitoring and controls make most necessary adjustments automatically,

General Specifications:


Application Examples:

  • H2 production from syngas generating reactors such as SMR's, POX units, Plasma units and other gasifiers.

  • H2 production by recovery from any H2 containing vent streams.

  • H2 production from recovery vents at Methanol, Ammonia, Hydrocracker, Hydroprocessor, IGCC plants.

  • H2 production from recovery of vent gases from metal treatment furnaces.

  • Syngas Plant ratio adjustments of H2 and CO.

  • CO purification or production from pressurized Syngas feeds.

  • CO2 removal from H2 or CO feeds.

  • 2-step processing with Membrane Units to further improve H2 recovery %percent.

  • H2 recovery & recycling in biogas hydroprocess plants.

  • H2 production in Waste to Syngas plants.

  • H2 & N2 ratio adjustments in Dissociated Ammonia cracked gas.

Options Available:

Small Scale, Medium and Large Scale H2 & HYCO PSA's

  • CO production

  • CO purification

  • CO2 capture

  • H2 fill stations

  • Compression to any H2 pressure requirement

  • Syngas export

  • Syngas ratio adjustments

Project Financing Available.

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